Britain accused of invasion of Libya in 2011


Britain’s Foreign Affairs Committee has truthfully reported criticism of the proposed interventions by the military in Libya in 2011.

Stated that the British security forces and has also tabacsaan based on the assumption that people at risk Benghazi.

The government has to be aware of the forces that accompanied xoogagg mucaradkii Islamic.

Government added that with the LDS was to save people have turned to remove Gaddafi without administration Golonel do not think about who will replace, these policies remains to be analyzed without serving.

It also said that the country’s former prime wasarihi Britain, David Camroon, was responsible istiraatijiadii failed due to his country’s outbreak of civil war, economic decline, and to increase the problem of human trafficking.

It also said that the Hormud yabahaasi completely converted to Islam and went to the club to get stronger in Libya.

A spokesman said the Foreign Office in Britain, said that the imposition of supporting the United Nations and the Arab Jmacadda, he added that the risk of an imaneysay Gaddafi was blind to be able to cope.


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