Central African Republic, which killed 20 people


Malayshiyo 20 people killed in the Central African Republic and wounded scores of others.

It is the work of the worst bloody months in the Central African Republic.

On Friday, the same thing happened two members from the former Muslim rebels Seleka and many members of the movement against the Anti-Balaka Christians.

UN peacekeepers have been entered into between the two sides in the war at the scene of the city’s north side Bandoro in order to meet the crisis spreads further.

A spokesman for the presidency said that dagaalyanadii ago Seleka the battlefield after people began to slaughter houses one by one to get people to kill.

It is reported that people have fled the city.

Central African Republic is fighting a religious basis since March 2013, when rebels took control over the sale overthrow President Francois Bozize, who was a Christian.

Thousands of people were killed in clashes between hundreds of thousands of others were displaced.

About eleven thousand soldiers and UN peacekeepers have been deployed in the country

Renewed violence is a sign of stability is not yet fully dabbaalin country.


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