Ethiopian PM Abiy outlines his vision for a new chapter in Ethio-Somalia ties.


In a historic visit to Somalia, Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed today (June 16) unveiled his vision of a single market where the two nations are tied together with a shared purpose & respect to one another.

Following a warm welcome accorded to the Premier by President Mohammed Abdullahi of Somalia, the two leaders held talks on ways of further elevating the brotherly ties to a new height. During the discussions the two leaders agreed to renew commitments to further rejuvenate their relations spanning generations based on blood relations, shared values, history and culture. The two leaders also urged the need to a renewed engagement to intensify cooperation on commonly agreed comprehensive frameworks that among others include forging robust diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Prime Minister Abiy and President Mohammed welcomed the formation of Joint Cooperation Commission (JCC) at the Ministerial Level and its function to promote enhanced diplomatic and trade activities. The JCC would also involve regular bilateral engagements, exchange of attaches and sponsorship of cultural, sports and educational exchanges. The two leaders have also underscored that peace and stability were a prerequisite to mutual prosperity.

The communiqué issued following the talks of the two leaders read that the Federal Government of Somalia paid a tribute to the bravery and sacrifice of AMISOM and recognized the prominent role of Ethiopian National Defense Forces.

Source: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia


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