Museum of Black people in the United States opens in Washington DC


Black’s first president in the United States through an umbilical off Roughly national first presented the history of black Americans.

Madxafkaas arrest has been cut in Washington DC.

Barack Obama said madxafkan and cost around 540 million dollars represents a journey for the democratic process.

The building was designed by David Adjaye madxafkan and the British have so far from the White House

President Obama is opening accompanied by his predecessor George W Bush signed a 2003 law that allows building matxafkan start.

Museum Smithsonian National Museum there are 36,000 objects.

Although there are some things that indicate the time of slavery and Nick Bryant BBC reports from Washington, says there are other indications of how Black culture has become a defining American culture.

A native of the famous 1915 proposal suggested Black people in the United States to build a museum.

However, Congress has not approved since 2003, dhismihiisuna took just four years.


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