S Sudan leaders accused of “benefit” of war


Minister Sudanta Southwestern states that the government will not respond to allegations in a new report on the country’s new leaders said to faa’idaayo war siixumaada.

Michael Maquei Lueth said that the government have a lot to say about the charges against him, but will not respond to the details of the official revealed.

The Minister spoke to the BBC, he said, “We, the government of South Sudan, we can not respond to reports published on social networking sites”.

He also noted that “it seems that each report is designed to formally announce cattle. It is then not thinking about dhiibankarno time, but not now.”

The investigation was led, promoter, and actor in Hollywood, George Clooney’s president Salva Kiir and Riek Machar, leader of the opposition, and the military commanders and their families to resources amassed.

Southern leaders Sudanta report is coordinating a lot of money and they are large and comfortable housing, mining, oil and other foreign companies in.

Quoting a press conference held in Washington, Clooney said that the evidence they are undeniable.


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