Somali Federal Government activities in the past week


Under the chairmanship of HE the President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the country’s leaders discussed the finalization of the ongoing election process so that the process to elect the Speaker of the Parliament and then the Presidential election later this month.

The meeting was attended the Presidents of the Jubbaland, South West, Puntland, Galmudug and Hirshabelle administrations and by representatives of the Federal Government.

Comprehensive Education Review Opens in Mogadishu;

On December 4th 2016, the third Comprehensive Education Review opened in Mogadishu.

HE the Minister of Education & Higher Education, Abdulkadir Abdi Hashi, chaired the forum, and opened by stating that the aim of the review was to create a unified syllabus for all schools and to promote higher education across the of whole Somalia.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Regional States as well as experts in the process of setting up a unified national education syllabus.


Co-ordination Forum for Central Authority & Regional States held in Mogadishu

On December 7th 2016, HE the Minister of the Interior & Federalism, Abdirahman Odawa, opened the Co-ordination Forum for Central Authority & Regional States in Mogadishu.

HE the Minister of the Interior opened proceedings by emphasising the need to harmonise and at the same time delineate inter-ministry activities.

The meeting itself was attended by the officials from the Office of the President, the Office of the Prime Minister, various FGS ministries and representatives of the Regional States.


Northern Regions Electoral Process Starts in Mogadishu

On December 6th 2016, HE the President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, congratulated the Northern region SIEIT on the opening of the Northern Region electoral process.

Mohamerd Omar Arte and Abdirahman Bayle were among the members of parliament elected on the first day of the process.


Somali Police Force (SPF) Officers Conclude Training in Djibouti

On December 7th 2016, the Deputy Commissioner of the Somali Police Force (SPF), Major General Bashir Abdi Mohamed, attended the conclusion of a training course for SPF officers in Djibouti.

The Italian Caribinieri and the Djiboutian Police Force provided the courses jointly for both junior and senior SPF officers. Djiboutian Ministers, Members of Parliament and senior security officials also attended the concluding ceremony.


Joint Local Government Consultative Forum Concludes in Mogadishu

On December 6th 2016, Joint Local Government Consultative Forum concluded in Mogadishu.
This forum was the sixth of its kind with previous meetings being held in Kismayo, Baidao Adaado and Mogadish. Attendees agreed the following:
• To develop the influence of the Interior Ministry
• To begin the process of ensuring that 2020 Election is a free and fari election that will be based on based one-man, one-vote in order to ensure the representation of the people
• To strength the information sharing between the Joint Commissioners
• To encourage and support comprehensive reconciliation amongst neighbouring communities
• To establish guidance on encouraging national unity
• To re-establish the local government Colleges and Institutes
• To support emergency measures to support areas affected by drought and other natural disasters or humanitarian crises

Ministry of Health Donates Medicines to Galkayo General Hospital

The Ministry of Health has donated medicines to the Galkayo General Hospital in Puntland. The donation included preventive and curative medicines as well as maternal child health treatments. HE the Deputy Minister of Health, Osman Daallo, handed over the donation to representatives of the Puntland state Ministry of Health.
The medicines have subsequently been passed on to the Galkayo North Hospital and the Mudug Region General Hospital. The donation is very timely, as medical practitioners in the area are critically short of medicines after recent clashes between clan militias.

3 New Roads Laid Down in Galgaduud

On December 4th 2016, HE the Vice President of Galmudug state, Mohamed Hashi Abdi, and the Adaado District Commissioner, Abdullahi Abdirahman Hussein Tootole, jointly broke ground on three new roads in Galgaduud region.
The Adaado District Commissioner explained that this project is the second of its kind, the previous one focussing on the construction in Adaado of a public hospital.
HE the Vice President of Galmudug state, Mohamed Hashi Abdi, urged the authorities in the region to continue their focus on security, the umbrella under which development can occur, while also noting similar activities in four other districts.

Skills Training for Local Government staff

The Stabilisation Office of the Ministry of the Interior & Federalism has concluded a four-day training course for local government staff in Mogadishu. 27 local government staff attended the training course, which was delivered jointly by the Stabilisation Office and the Office of the UN SRSG to Somalia.

The aim of the training was to upgrade the qualitative proficiency of local government employees operating in recently liberated areas of the country.
The Permanent Secretary of the Minsitry of the Interior & Federalism, Dr Yahye Ali Ibrahim, explained: “This course has taught local government staff how to evaluate risks in fragile districts, how to develop sustainable programmes, reporting, conflict and grievance resolution and Early Warning & Risk Mitigations – all extremely important skills for the delivery of effective governance at the local level.”


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