Somalia: Presidential candidates continue to deliver campaign speeches before Parliament


The second phase of campaign speeches by presidential aspirants has commenced in the Somali capital of Mogadishu on Saturday ahead of Wednesday’s elections.

Each candidate competing for the country’s top seat will jointly address the Lower and Upper Houses for a 30-minute speech about their campaign’s agenda the coming four years and their political background ahead of the presidential election set on February 8.

Former Puntland President Abdirahman Mohamed Faroole, Abdirahman Abdishakuur Warsame and Ali Haji Warsame are among other key candidates addressing members of the Federal Parliament in a televised session from the Parliament Hall in Mogadishu.

The campaign speeches will continue until tomorrow, according to the Presidential Election Committee (PEC) tasked with overseeing the election of the new President, with eight aspirants delivering their speech daily. Twenty-four candidates were scheduled to contest.

Somalia’s newly inaugurated Federal Parliament comprising of 275 lower house seats and 54-member senate will vote for the President in a secret ballot.

The election process was scheduled to conclude last year but delayed due to political impasse over the process and failure to meet deadlines to complete parliamentary election in the regional states before the presidential election.


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