Syria ceasefire officially came into effect Friday


A new ceasefire officially came into effect in Syria.

One of the men who led the deal, US Secretary of State, John Kerry, has said that it is possible to effect peace from Syria united.

John Kerry has stressed that violence in Gaza could be the next hours or days.

It’s all part of the parties urged to abide by the provisions of the agreement.

He said that Russia had pledged to President Assad to respect the ceasefire.












Activists in Syria say that the peace agreement, has entered into force much deegaamadii Mogadishu.

A resident of the city of Aleppo, has isolated the BBC said that the shelling was materialize as the rain stopped.

He added that there is no air on the air in Aleppo heehaabaaya.

Cease fire agreement is for a period of seven days.



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