UNHCR and Kenya criticized the repatriation process of refugees in Dadaab


Repatriation of Somali refugees in the Dadaab camps did not take to process international voluntary return, according to a report issued by the human rights organization.

Human Rights Watch, in a statement, they said that most of the people were turned back by the force.

Tens of thousands of refugees returning to the country after many years of living in refugee camps in Kenya are planning to close.

International human xquuqda advocates, HRW, the government of Kenya and the UNHCR accused of failing to process the repatriation applied international law.

Director of the Department of refugee rights organization Huamn Rights Watch, Bill Frelick, asserts that the Kenyan authorities were not harmed opportunity to choose to return or stay.

He also said that the refugees were not given accurate information about the security situation in Somalia.

Kenya and Somalia have already discussed the closure of the refugee camps in Dadaab.

However, Interior recently they refused to submit to the refugees in Somalia, saying they were not given the support of humanitarian need.

The decision has led to a lot of people would be stranded on the border.


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