Upper House seats controversial agreement has been reached


National Consultative Meeting in recent days in the capital has been concluded, the leaders said they agreed with the standoff.

The key points in the statement issued from the meeting venue, and the failure of the most difficult disputes by way of distribution of the upper house of the country will be the first time in history dawladnimmada.












They agreed to return as agreed with leaders of Somalia held in April of this year and return to the 54 seats in the interim constitution.

Somaliland and Puntland have from 11 members to the upper house, while other regional administrations receive 8 seats.

Banadir he is no seat in the upper house to have.

The conference was attended by government officials at the federal, the state, and representatives from the international community.

The communiqué, which consisted of 18 articles is also said to have approved the duties and powers of the Arbitration Committee, has just been built and approved by the board.












On the budget, the leaders of the forum hope yihiinin that the international community will realize the promise that they will pay the costs of the management of elections.


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