Usain Bolt set new record


Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest runner has set a new record after the third consecutive year, won the 100m Olympic world.

Jamaican-born arms embargo has developed the most xifiiltamaan’s American Justin Gatlin.

He has clocked 9.81 seconds, is less than 10 seconds.

Bolt, a 29-year-old, has been the third time in a row, won the gold medal in the 100m race at the World Olympics, with former Olympic winners curly-World 2008 held in Beijing, and the implication of London 2012.

Arms embargo remain in the race and it will be the third time in a row to win the competition in the 200m and 400m relay stick together.

Bolt has told the BBC that he hoped to extend, but he is happy that he won.

Earlier horreysayna runner in South Africa’s Wayde van Niekerk won the men’s 400m, where he set a new world record after he ran 41.03 seconds.

The record breaking athlete of 43.18 seconds was set 17 years ago Michael Johnson, born in the United States.

Teenisyahanka of Britain’s Andy Murray won his second gold medal in a row in the Olympics.


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